AMP + Vivid

An immersive brand expression of Sydney Quay Quarter


Create an inspirational story that communicates the transformational redevelopment of Sydney’s Quay Quarter.   


AMP Capital’s Quay Quarter re-invents the area bordering Bridge, Alfred, Young and Loftus Streets into a vibrant, integrated business, residential and lifestyle precinct. It links Sydney’s amazing Harbour to its bustling financial district, bringing light, energy and experiences to the precinct, day and night.

Concept & Creative.

Connecting people emotionally to the story of this area in an unexpected, sensory expression drove our creative.

The solution needed to authentically represent the sounds of Sydney’s Quay Quarter and the Harbour, in an adventurous and immersive storytelling experience. We wanted it to reflect on Sydney’s intimate relationship with the water and Harbour, to tell the story of Sydney’s continuous transformation and change.


Then to capture a part of Sydney’s DNA we took 100 years of tidal, moon, sun and water temperature data from Sydney Harbour, to create an uplifting generative data visualisation with a 3D audio soundscape that brought to life the sounds of Sydney Harbour, the Woolhouses, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and dreamtime into a completely immersive experience in Loftus Lane.  

We took 100 years of tidal, moon, sun and water temperature data from Sydney Harbour, to create an uplifting generative data visualisation with a 3D audio soundscape


TIDAL uses the largest outdoor GostMESH screen ever created and it’s the first time a GostMESH screen had been used in Australia. 


For 6 weeks, a 6m x 4m piece of the screen was tested in all sorts of wild weather, to ensure it would deliver the experience during Vivid.  It was then brought into a large cavernous warehouse to test the experience that the data visualisation combined with the audio composition created, before undertaking final 2 days of testing onsite in the lead up to Vivid.

Experience Making.

TIDAL uses the largest outdoor GostMESH screen.  At 30 meters long by 5 metres wide, suspended 5 metres above Loftus Lane, it gave all who entered the Lane the chance to be part of the projection, rather than just a viewer of it.  

Standing in TIDAL, the audio composition enveloped you with a deep data sonification that filled the laneway.  Binural sound created a meditative and calming effect that took the immersive effect to a deeper level.  You felt the life within the Lane as you heard real recordings of children laughing coming from one corner, horses hooves from yesteryear going past, the clanging of rivets on the harbour bridge high above you, ferry horns echoing and the excitement of a man’s voice as he announced the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the entrance.  A huge king tide then came rushing down from Customs House to the end of the Lane and back again as Aunty Julie Freeman moved you with story of Narawarn and the coming of the sea.    


  • 2.2 million visitors to Vivid Sydney 2017

  • Tidal promoted as a Vivid Sydney "must-see" by Australian media

  • AMP Facebook Post views: 89,314

  • AMP Youtube Video views: 37,817


Beyond Vivid, as a powerful brand expression of the Sydney Quay Quarter, TIDAL was reinterpreted via 4 bespoke installations as part of AMP Amplify ‘edge of possible’ business innovation events across Sydney and Melbourne.  


A further 2,740 visitors experienced TIDAL throughout Amplify week and through guided tours hosted by Hatch through Loftus Lane.

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