AVATOUR lets you transport your clients, collaborators or friends to join a real place in real time – wherever they are.  Conduct meetings, facility walkthroughs, site inspections and site-specific training from anywhere in the world.

AVATOUR is a revolutionary new 360° telepresence platform that transports remote people to real locations in real-time, where they can see the entire environment in 360° and interact with the people there – wherever they are in the world.  It’s basically a teleporter.  

Multiple remote participants can join and interact in a meeting, event or session using any modern browser on desktop or mobile device – or a VR headset for full immersion. 

All participants can communicate with each other while experiencing the full 360° view of the location they have been transported to, providing real-time context to their meeting.

"We felt an extraordinary sense of presence…AVATOUR brings reality to virtual reality"



Meetings, Events & Tours

Invite clients, colleagues or collaborators to join you in a remote location in real time for a meeting, recce, event or guided tour experience.

Property & Real Estate

Host real-time property tours for clients and agents and provide a premium management service by inviting investors, contractors and other stakeholders to review properties remotely as if actually there, without the inconvenience of travel.

Avatour - Hatch Australia

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Meet with remote suppliers on-site, conduct facility walkthroughs, site inspections, brief remote teams, check quality of new product lines or trouble-shoot with experts where you all can see and experience the situation in context.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architects, engineers and project stakeholders can visit jobsites from a remote location, review work and trouble-shoot in real-time with the onsite team. 

Learning & Training

Conduct site-specific training, provide a personalised tour to international students and their families, invite trainees, employees and collaborators to experience, interact and learn about a real location or product in real-time.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Interview prospective employees from anywhere in the world and onboard new employees remotely through a real-time interactive experience of your organisation and your people.

“It’s like being there, and it’s a far cry from Facetime or Zoom,” he said.

“We’re able to do our business faster, cheaper and better by having visibility on site in a way that is comprehensive and where we have control over what we’re looking at.”


Senior Manager for Global Real Estate and Store Development at GAP, was an early user.


All you need is a Starter Kit and a compatible Android phone.  


We’ll set you up the ready-to-go live streaming bundle and provide support via video call for set-up and streaming.


The Host Experience

Get the gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset. These tools enable you to give live virtual tours while speaking directly with your remote guests.

Invite your guests

Using the AVATOUR Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for clients and participants to meet. They receive calendar invites.

Start your Avatar session

At the meeting time, up to 5 guests from anywhere in the world can join you virtually, using either a VR headset or any mobile device or desktop.

The Guest Experience

Receive an Avatour invite

A Guest will receive an invite and be offered two ways of joining an Avatour session.

Attend an Avatour session

Watch live, talk live and interact with a session Host as well as other Guests.

Join from a headset (recommended)

Join from a device


Get The Job Done Without Travel

Bypass Travel Restrictions

Coronavirus is disrupting business travel to many locations across the world. With AVATOUR, the location comes to you - enabling site-specific meetings like facility walkthroughs, site inspections and location training to continue.

Save Time & Money

Even when travel is possible, it's expensive and time-consuming. AVATOUR remote presence makes your team more productive by enabling real-time, site=specific meetings without the cost and inconvenience or travel.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Businesses around the world are committing to reducing their carbon footprint, and travel is a leading source of emissions for most companies. AVATOUR helps businesses meet sustainability targets while increasing productivity at the same time.

With the global events of the past month, we want to offer support as you manage through this unprecedented business environment. As many companies face the challenges of supporting a remote workforce and engaging customers, there’s an increasing need to provide solutions and services to provide new ways to communicate.

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