Alzheimer's disease - communicating the case for action


Design a visually engaging infographic that brought to life data from a recent RAND report about ‘How prepared the Australian Health Care System is to meet the demand for an early phase Alzheimer’s treatment’.  


The purpose of the communication is to raise awareness with and put the case forward for action by government, politicians and advocacy.


Adapting the data in the report we designed an infographic storytelling approach for print, social media and animation.  


The animation is a designed to support journalists and media news articles and segments, without narration or audio. 


We created a distinctively Biogen infographic style that could become a recognisable branded approach for this infographic suite and others in the future.  


An informative and compelling communication detailing how up to 398,000 Australian Alzheimer dementia cases could be avoided between 2023 – 2033 if the disease-modifying treatment becomes available in 2023 and our health care system increases capacity for early stage diagnosis.

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