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TIDAL is an immersive art experience that is uplifting and hypnotic as it wraps you in Sydney’s Quay Quarter story, past and present.

Conceptualised by Hatch for AMP, we brought together some of Sydney’s most talented technologists across projection, audio composition and data design, in a creative collaboration that inspired us all.

TIDAL’s magic combines 100 years tidal, moon, sun and water temperature data from Sydney Harbour to create an experience that is the soul of Sydney.


Novartis Australia - Virtual Reality Patient Diagnosis

Jean-Martin Charcot, is often referred to as the father of neurology and in fact, the painting

 "A Clinical Lesson at the Salpêtrière" depicting Charcot performing hypnosis on a patient in his rooms, adorns many of today’s neurologist’s walls.

Virtual reality_Astrazeneca.jpg


During Patient Journey Week, AstraZeneca’s team were immersed into Angela’s life.  

Sitting in chemo chairs with saline bags on drips stands beside them, they listened to Angela’s voice as she took them for a walk in her shoes – the felt the coldness of the chemotherapy suite with beeping hospital machines and experienced the delight as they explored the shores of spectacular secluded beach.  They literally felt like they were there, because they were – in Virtual Reality.  



Westpac Experience Centre

Westpac Experience Centre

Create a space to hack into possibility.

High-end design and fabrication - Cutting edge audio and visual technology - Writeable surfaces and adaptable display solutions - Data visualization - Virtual reality experiences - Interactive content



Create a kick-ass immersive experience in a 50sqm room, for sell down and boutique developer sales, that sets CBRE apart from the competition and cements CBRE’s position as a market-leaders with distance.

CBRE, one of the largest real estate services companies in the world,   identified an opportunity to create a high-end sales suite to simulate the experience of an on-site display suite for their high-end developers.  



Pilot Augmented Reality MedEd Tool


Developed in partnership between Novartis Australia and Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC

Inside MS is a pilot educational tool that shows the evolution of multiple sclerosis in a patient over a 10 year period. 

Using a real patient’s MRI scans and medical data, brought together in a 3D model of the patient’s brain within an augmented reality (AR) environment



We all love to share pictures and movies of ourselves, so imagine the fun of being able to pose ‘matrix’ style in your own mini-movie and instantly sharing it with your family friends.

Hatch’s recently developed Me360 Bullet-Array Timesplice Camera rig, gave Robina’s customers the ability to strike action poses, frozen in time, in 360 degrees. 

Telstra Experience Centre

A seamless interactive experience on Level 4 George St HQ

Create a space that allows Telstra employees to create, upload and demonstrate new Telstra products and services to Corporate and Government customers.


MS INNOVATIONS   Partnering for MS Patients

The inaugural MS Innovations, Partnering for MS Patients symposium, delivered in partnership with Sanofi Genzyme

Building on the quality of their annual neuroscience medical education conference, Hatch and Novartis refreshed the program to create an impactful education experience that connected their community to the latest thinking, innovations, technology and tools to support the advancement of MS patient care and clinical practice. 

Projection mapping GenerationOne.jpeg


We delivered a world first – live, interactive, digital projection onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House as part of the eAward winning ‘Launch Event of the Year’.

BT Publishing recognised our Creative excellence and seamless delivery of the launch of not-for-profit organisation GenerationOne.

The GenerationOne movement was launched onto a national platform with simultaneous digital light projections performed on prominent buildings in capital cities across Australia.


Robina Town Centre - Virtual Change Room

Robina Town Centre and Hatch partnered to bring Gamification to retail, creating a first in Australian shopping experiences.

The Virtual Change Room.  Leveraging the power of Microsoft Kinect, the Virtual Change Room visualises people in three dimensions, using augmented reality elements.