Cycle Action Network

Changing heavy vehicle driver behaviours for cyclist safety


Build awareness and educate truck and bus drivers about the effects of heavy vehicle driver behavior on cyclists.

The software is designed to change driver behaviour. 


By putting drivers of heavy vehicles on the seat of a bicycle in virtual reality, they are able to experience what it feels like when a heavy vehicle incorrectly passes a cyclist at speed, too closely or at the wrong time.  


In a safe and controlled environment, drivers get to experientially understand the effect of their driving behaviour on cyclists’ and how cyclists’ ability to ride their bikes is affected by the push of air at the front of a passing heavy vehicle and the suck of air at the back.     


The Cycle Action Network send the VR training kits out to heavy vehicle driver employers across industry with the aim of changing driver behaviour.  It has been so effective, a bus driver specific experience is currently in development.

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