Mercury Energy + Starship

360 VR live streaming transporting children in hospital to fun locations


Many sick children and their carers can spend extended periods in hospital, often away from other family members and their support networks.  


Clinical research has shown that psychological wellness and happiness is often associated with faster recovery times.


In Auckland in 2018, the Starship Foundation, Mercury Energy and our creative technology studio, StaplesVR, partnered to deliver The Starship 360 Experience Program.

The program provides a series of virtual experiences to transport children in Auckland’s Starship Hospital to enjoy exciting experiences around New Zealand without leaving the hospital. 

Using virtual reality the children are really immersed in the experiences, making them feel like, even if just for a moment, they are not in hospital.


One very popular experience was a virtual trip to the penguin enclosure at Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium.  We set up cameras inside the penguin enclosure and live-streamed the penguin feeding into the hospital in real-time.  The children felt as if they were actually inside the penguin enclosure with the penguins. 

Eight virtual headsets - each connected to a screen allowing parents and caregivers to share in the experience and eight mobile tablets are available for the patients to explore and share each experience.


" Having fun while in hospital can promote a faster recovery"

- Helen Waldron, Clinical Charge Nurse, Starship Hospital

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