Telstra Experience Centre


To create a seamless interactive experience on level 4 at Telstra's 400 George St HQ,  that would allow senior Telstra employees to create, upload and demonstrate new Telstra products and services to Corporate and Government customers


We created 2 multi touch interactive surface tables with puc recognition software. Our backend content management system allowed the Telstra team to upload and create presentations on the fly specific to the customers needs on any given day.

PUC's placed on the underside of Telstra hardware are instantly recognised when the products are placed onto the table surface's which triggered interactive content and displayed onto the surface screen.

In addition screen content could be flicked from the tables onto projection mapped walls within the experience centre allowing the Telstra team to run a large scale presentation to the audience.

Product Development.

Hatch managed and delivered the complete design and development phases of the project from the initial ideation and feasibility studies through concept development, software development, AV and technical consultation, manufacture, delivery and installation.

The project brought together all our skills and is the kind of project where Hatch really stand out from the crowd. At Hatch we are the journey, from start to finish we are with you every step of the way.

I had the privilege to work with Peter on the deployment of a high profile project for Telstra where his professionalism and commitment to excellence was instrumental to the success of the project.

Peter had the time, patience and tenacity to cut through the conflicting needs and ensure an unified solution that met the needs of all stakeholders.

Reece Clementi - National operations manager - Telstra experience centres

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