Engaging interactive learning experience for time-pressured doctors



Educate time-pressured doctors with an engaging learning experience that builds greater understanding of the benefits of early phase intervention for allergic asthma using Xolair. 

Our solution needed to address a few challenges. 


Access: Novartis medical liaison specialists (MSLs) were finding it increasingly difficult to gain access to meet with highly scheduled doctors. 

Quick & Compelling Medical Story: When they did gain access, they needed to provide compelling new information very quickly about Xolair, a treatment doctors felt they already understood because it had been on the market for some time.

Learning Experience: Additionally, MSLs needed to build their confidence to engage doctors in deeper conversations about the benefits of early phase intervention of allergic asthma, which is how Xolair works.



Hatch developed a flexible, visually engaging, interactive education tool delivered as an Augmented Reality App. 

The App provides doctors with a valuable learning and communication tool to visually explain the physiology of allergic asthma to their patients. With 3D models of the lungs zooming right down to the cellular level, doctors and patients can see the Mode of Action (MoA) of Xolair and discuss how it works to prevent the onset of allergic asthma.

To gain doctor interest quickly, Novartis pharmaceutical teams also need to be able to jump to any part of the medical story in an initial 2-minute conversation to gain more time for a deeper conversation.   

We designed the visual medical story to work in chapters which could be accessed in any order along a simple, graphic timeline.  This allowed Novartis team members to get to any part of the story they needed at any point in their conversation. It also provided a ready to use training tool for educating Novartis pharmaceutical team on the allergic asthma medical story to build their confidence for their discussions with doctors.


Providing doctors with a high-end, easy to use and engaging interactive learning tool that enhances their communication with their patients, has helped Novartis teams gain access to doctors and to have more informed conversations about the benefits of Xolair.

Novartis have a communication channel to doctors all around the world who have the App, that can be updated remotely with new or additional information at any time, with little effort required by busy doctors.​

The Xolair AR App has been received well by the team and customers… It has helped the team raise interest with customers (doctors) and create opportunities to have more in-depth discussions.  We are seeing that the messages are being delivered more frequently since the App than in the past.


Quite a few customers have also expressed interest in using it with their medical students or with their nurses/others as appropriate, to explain the physiology of allergic asthma.


Ratnaji Rao Nagulapati

National Sales Manager – Xolair


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